Business Continuity-Disaster Recover Planning

ICC Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Planning Services is a comprehensive management and support system for Clients seeking to improve their organizational resiliency and ability to react to events that affect critical services or functions. The main goal of this service is to help ICC Clients:​

  • Safeguard life, property and the environment
  • Minimise confusion and enable effective decision-making in a time of crisis
  • Minimise the loss of assets, controls, revenue and impact upon Clients
  • Continue business operations providing products and services even during adverse conditions
  • Facilitate the timely recovery of critical business functions
  • Satisfy legal, regulatory or contractual requirements
  • Maintain a favorable public image and reputation.

BC/DR planning is a continuous process, not a one-time task. It uses the continuous improvement approach to increase the organisation’s maturity of its preparedness, readiness and response to a disaster event. Because BC/DR planning is geared towards the long-term success of an organization, and to align the plans with the environment changes, regular reviews and testing is essential. ICC’s value-added expertise and experience in continuity planning, combined with its experience in ICT infrastructure management and incident management, offers ICC Clients the best combination of expertise to plan, train and react to disaster type disruptions.
Benefits include:

  • Expertise in planning, building, training and testing BC/DR continuity plans
  • Planning based on organizational risk helps mitigate business impact
  • Experienced specialists are available to regularly review BC/DR continuity plans
  • Regular reviews of existing organizational BC/DR plans ensure up to date, effective responses to incidents and events
  • Familiarization training raises team knowledge of the plan and awareness of their roles
  • Training exercises reinforce knowledge of team responsibilities and identify potential gaps in the plan
  • Sound planning ensures an effective communications strategy
  • Identification of continuity gaps in your on-premises or cloud-based systems
  • Help for your organisation to prepare for audits and obtain certifications such as ISO/IEC 22301 and NFPA 1600.

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