Business Continuity Planning – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Preparedness for all ICC Services
ICC is making preparations to prevent any impact on services due to any eventualities regarding the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).
ICC is closely monitoring the situation and is following advice from WHO, UN and local authorities. In preparation, ICC has invoked its business continuity processes into a state of preparedness. As you may know, ICC also has robust Service Continuity processes that are tested and audited every year under our ISO 20000 certification for Service Management Systems. ICC routinely performs operations with staff working with secure tools at off-site locations.
ICC will work closely with all our Partners, our staff, and our Providers, to ensure that we continue to provide our ICT services without interruption. We will ensure that we operate in accordance with the best available advice to protect and respect the needs of our UN customers as well as our staff.
Please contact the ICC Service Desk or your ICC Business Relationship Manager if you have specific questions or concerns regarding ICC services.