Computing Services

Computing Services include Servers and Enterprise Server Support; Storage on Demand and Management; as well as Enterprise Backup.
Servers and Enterprise Server Support
Includes a wide range of computing service packages ranging from fully managed virtual server instances to the hosting and management of Client-dedicated physical/virtual frameworks.

  • vServers are Virtual Machines tailored for Clients to include standard and custom CPU, RAM and on-demand storage needs where Clients commission their own operating systems without the need of deploying physical hardware in the data centre.
  • Enterprise Server Support service sits on top of any vServer or Physical server which includes the licensing and support of Operating Systems with the relevant security, health, hygiene, and monitoring systems
  • The hosting and provisioning of Physical Servers includes the provisioning bare metal server hardware to give Clients the flexibility implementing or extending their physical server requirement
  • VMware Support Services provides Clients with full management of dedicated VMware environments including setup, configuration, on-going administration and support all following VMware best practices to ensure optimum performance, high availability and maximum security.
  • Hosted servers delivered out of ICC’s Tier-3 data centres. Server hardware is monitored continuously to ensure highest availability.

Storage on Demand and Management
ICC Storage on Demand (SoD) services are fully managed pay-as-you-go storage services offered to Clients in High-end and Mid-range arrays over Storage Area Networks (SAN) and TCP/IP Networks. With host-allocated 3 PB of online storage, the service builds upon highly scalable and secure, enterprise class storage solutions and data management systems to servers hosted at ICC data centres.
ICC provides Dedicated Storage Management service at the Client site or optionally hosted at ICC’s data centre for organizations with a requirement for a dedicated storage solution. With a 4-year commitment, the service can span from capacity planning, infrastructure procurement, commissioning, migration, RMA handling, as well as full operational management.
Enterprise Backup
Enterprise Backup services offer a fully managed and scalable backup, restore and backup archiving solution. The service builds on a fully redundant EMC Avamar, a scalable all-in-one (hardware and software) disk-based backup/recovery solution supporting backup and recovery for a large number of operating systems and applications. The solution is using global deduplication algorithm at the source resulting in optimal LAN/WAN network bandwidth utilization as well as backup job time.
EMC Avamar supports integration with virtual infrastructures VMware and Hyper-V) which allows backup/recovery of complete virtual machines as well as granular restores of single files from an image. Backup data is secured using at-rest and on in-flight encryption. Supporting infrastructure is monitored through ICC’s Enterprise Monitoring Service and data is stored in a highly secure environment. Enterprise Backup service can be combined with ICC’s Storage on Demand service for complete, end-to-end storage management.
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