ICT Communications

ICC offers ICT communications services including advisory services, information/content design and delivery, campaign channel management, website content management, crisis communications, social media support, technical writing, editing, translations, event planning, photography and multimedia (video, audio, animations) campaigns, collateral and creative marketing design (templates, documents, posters, presentations, etc.) as well as e-learning and information security awareness support.
Benefits include:

  • Strong and mature experience within the UN family as the nature and context of business activity is unique
  • Professional standards and proactive delivery applied to UN Agency communications context
  • Visual and textual branding and customisation for UN environments
  • Specialty in delivering IT communications across the enterprise stack
  • Communications project management
  • Creative and appealing collateral to attract viewership or readership
  • End-to-end campaign management across a variety of channels (web, email, social media, events, meetings, etc.)
  • Shared services common to the needs of our Clients and Partner Organizations
  • Cost effective rates compared to market rates.

See our ICC Services booklet for more information or contact a Business Relationship ​Manager at business@unicc.org.

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