Infrastructure Services

ICC provides computing infrastructure resources that allow administrators and engineers to manage computing networking infrastructures. ICC Infrastructure Services offers networking, physical servers, virtual servers, Operating Systems, storage and physical hosting from its data centres or ICC brokered arrangements with third party cloud providers, including:

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning: comprehensive management and support system for Clients seeking to improve their organizational resiliency and ability to react to events that affect critical services or functions.
  • Servers/Enterprise Server Support: wide range of computing service packages ranging from fully managed virtual server instances to the hosting and management of Client-dedicated physical/virtual frameworks, including vServers, Enterprise Server Support, hosting and provisioning and VMware Support.
  • Storage on Demand and Management: fully managed pay-as-you-go storage services offered to Clients in High-end and Mid-range arrays over Storage Area Networks (SAN) and TCP/IP Networks.
  • Enterprise Backup: fully managed and scalable backup, restore and backup archiving solution. The service builds on a fully redundant EMC Avamar, a scalable all-in-one (hardware and software) disk-based backup/recovery solution supporting backup and recovery for a large number of operating systems and applications.
  • Data Centre Consolidation​: comprehensive management and support system for Clients data centre / technical equipment rooms. The service provides on-premises management, consolidation, as well as migration and decommissioning services. ​
  • Network Services: These services include the management, maintenance and monitoring of Switching and Routing Infrastructure, Wireless Access, Web Proxy, WAN Optimisation, Load Balancing & Application Delivery Controllers, as well as IP Address Management to ensure networks are available, secure, nimble and responsive to performance and capacity demands.
  • Internet and Connectivity: Fully managed either from ICC’s premises or in conjunction with reliable third party vendors complemented with ICC’s competencies. The secure, shared Internet Access Service is offered from highly redundant infrastructure complemented with firewalls and caching components. DNS Hosting & Domain Registration services is a fully managed 2nd Level DNS system while FTP Protcol Service allows Clients to store/retrieve files in a secure environment. ​​
  • OneICTBox: The ICC OneICTBox support service is a comprehensive infrastructure and platform solution to Client’s field, branch, remote, and satellite offices. Through integrated hardware, the service provides support to multiple network and security functionalities covered with 24/7 monitoring and support. Positioned at the gateway between the Internet (or WAN) and the internal network at Client’s field office, the solution, builds on standardised hardware and logical designs, simplifies deployment processes in addition to reducing operating complexity and on-going costs.​

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