Project Management Services

Speed, efficiency and agility are critical to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s digital knowledge-based economy.  To achieve these, organizations need constant innovation with the consistent application of defined Portfolio, Program and Project processes along with efficient resource planning and utilisation. ICC’s Project Management Service (PMS) offer Clients an opportunity to tailor or build the required “tools and processes” to align strategic investments with corporate goals, thereby maximizing the ability to yield the highest return, with efficiency and transparency.
ICC’s approach to a well-managed Project Management services address these challenges in order to ensure successful program or project delivery. It provides management with a structure to create, administer, and optimise an enterprise portfolio.\

ICC manages and delivers all of this as a service, with options to use a mature project framework and governance or to build one with your team. Additionally, ICC provides the flexibility to ramp up, as we proceed.  In the beginning, we start with doing the things “RIGHT” (Project Service) and mature to Program Services and when required, we are ready to work with you on doing the “RIGHT” things (Portfolio Service).
ICC offers the option to use a collaborative shared/dedicated Project Server portal or to create tailored changes related to an existing PPM environment/tool(s).  ICC provides the flexibility to deploy a new PMO, operate/staff a PMO, or optimise and enhance an existing PMO to meet any evolving challenges, functions, and services. ICC ensures a balanced portfolio of change, providing consistent delivery of projects and programmes across a Client organization.