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Robotic Process Automation: A Smarter Way to Work

The UNICC Robotic Process Automation Centre of Excellence is a hub of innovation, value creation and thought leadership in robotic process automation (RPA) technologies. Its team works with members of the United Nations family to identify the business value and humanitarian benefits that RPA can deliver for their organizations. 

Transforming the nature of work 

RPA value usually comes from the routine, repetitive and rules-based tasks that are tedious and time-consuming to do. In periods of high demand or great urgency, these tasks become stressful and costly to scale up quickly. These are the low-hanging fruit, ripe for automation. The RPA Centre of Excellence is developing a cohort of software robots or ‘bots’ to assist in or relieve their human colleagues from doing such tasks. 

If you focus on your processes and people, the business results and humanitarian gains will come – automate to innovate, automate to reinvigorate, automate to digitally transform the organization.

Nagesh Vepa, Senior Strategic Programme Officer, RPA Centre of Excellence, UNICC

Delivering business value 

With a bot corps, officers can reinvent work and redefine the roles of their staff, uncovering the talent hidden among employees and contractors in the process. Automation is a liberating force. It unlocks business value quickly, and it frees up managers to redeploy their talent and resources to do whatever they do best – thus increasing employee engagement and commitment. 

Assisting in sustainable development 

The RPA Centre of Excellence works on the principles of trust, transparency and accountability with a Client-centric approach. Its team members have both for-profit and non-profit operating experience. They appreciate the cross-cultural and transnational contexts in which UN Programmes, Funds, Specialized Agencies and other Entities operate. This deep understanding yields automation solutions fit for purpose and excellent in design, project management and service delivery. The team is only a ping away at  

Our Bot Force for Hire



  • Outstanding Travel Advance Bot
  • Travel Request Bot
  • Annual Country Reports Bot
  • ERP Reporting Bot
  • Investment Report Bot
  • Time Sheet Recording Bot


Project Management

  • Intelligent Document Processing Bot
  • Salary Scale Research Bot
  • Telephone Billing Consolidation Bot
  • UN Joint Sanctions Screening Bot
  • Project Collaboration Bot
  • Project Reporting Bot

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