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UN Photo Usage Guidelines
UN photos may be used to further the aims and work of the United Nations. They cannot be used for advertising, marketing or in ways which are inconsistent with the Organization’s mission. UN photos cannot be altered, sold, redistributed or used to create derivative works. United Nations photographs are the property of the United Nations, which holds all rights in connection with their usage. COPYRIGHT (http://www.unmultimedia.org/copyright.html)
Prior written permission is required to reproduce UN photos in print or electronic format, including CDs, DVDs, web sites, videos, exhibits, etc. Such permissions are granted on a one-time non-exclusive basis and may be renewed. Written permission is, however, not required for reproduction of photo material as allowed by statutory exemptions (e.g. UN-affiliated non-governmental organizations and United Nations Associations, UN system organizations, including Specialized Agencies) or Fair Use. (Fair Use applies solely to scholarly, academic, non-profit, or journalistic use of properly credited UN photos.) Please contact us to receive the standard UN photo licensing permission. Third party permission forms are not accepted.
All UN photos, whether used in print, electronic or online format, must be credited as follows: UN Photo by [name of photographer] (if available) or as stated in the corresponding photo caption. See also: http://www.unmultimedia.org/photo/guidelines.jsp. ICC has obtained prior permission from other (non-UN) Clients for the use of their photos.