Web Services

Web Services include enterprise web hosting and website traffic analysis.

Enterprise Web Hosting

ICC provides a secure, high performance and high available hosting environment for web applications. Clients may select their preferred hosting environment either on Windows or Linux Servers, a preferred web server engine as well as content management system (CMS) solution, such as Drupal, Liferay, Sitecore and many more (MS SharePoint is supported through separate Enterprise SharePoint services). Features include enterprise search engines, load balancing, clustered database back ends, hardware, software, storage, hosting support as well as backups and restore. ICC Web Hosting comprises development, staging, and production environments.
Client benefits include:

  • Fully managed websites with separate production, staging, development sites with Operating Systems (Windows or Linux)
  • Highly available, secure, load balanced web infrastructure
  • Tools available for web applications deployment (Bamboo, Bitbucket, Repliweb)
  • Support for formal change control
  • 24/7 monitoring and support for incidents
  • Software updates/patching, backups and access to log files
  • Business Continuity (if required)
  • Infrastructure design and procurement
  • Advanced application support e.g. code troubleshooting provided on a per-request basis, charged on a time and materials basis using existing Professional Services rates.

Website Traffic Analysis

ICC offers a high performance Website Traffic Analysis service providing Clients with an analysis of website traffic e.g. who visited a site, which pages were visited, and how long users stayed on the site. ICC uses a powerful web analytics software tool to produce website usage statistics in HTML format for viewing with a standard web browser.
The service is available for websites hosted in ICC such as SharePoint, Drupal, WordPress, Liferay as well as custom web site (Java, Asp.net, PHP, etc.). The results present in both columnar and graphical format, which facilitates interpretation. Yearly, monthly, daily and hourly usage statistics present, along with the ability to display usage by site, URL, referrer, user agent (browser), search string, entry/exit page, user name and country. The web analytics tool also provides custom reports for web sites applications.
Client benefits include:

  • “Out of the box” dashboards and reports
  • Meaningful analysis of websites running on various technologies
  • Customise reports through on-line filtering and segmenting
  • Report exporting capabilities (CSV, PDF)
  • Visual paths or visual diagrams showing traffic from the source to the destination
  • Drill-down reporting with specific visitor demographics and page access history.​

See our ICC Services booklet for more information or contact a Business Relationship ​Manager at business@unicc.org.